The Glass House


The glass house- I can feel it cracking and shaking,
The glass house- I sense it on the verge of breaking.
I place my hand on the glass so cold,
A world I can see but no longer hold.

My glass house- none may enter, and no one may leave,
My glass house- I cling to my hopes and I still believe,
One day we will go back to life as it was,
Try as I might I fail at deciphering the stars.

Our glass house- it protects us from what lies outside,
Our glass house- a place that contains a thousand sighs,
Some for those we cannot see or touch anymore,
Awaiting better times when we can finally open our doors.


Every glass house- one day will be refreshed and renewed,
Every glass house- strength and resilience imbued,
It is hope that will carry us all through,
The key is aiding each other, me and you.

Glass houses broken- our walls cannot ever confine,
Glass houses broken- the spaces swell in the eye of my mind,
Valuing what we have, the riches we have found,
Not in what we own but emotions firmly bound.

Our world is transforming and teaching us a lesson,
The mirror reveals the pieces of ourselves long forgotten,
Bear in mind that glass houses show us the world too,
Within we reside in a realm of visions and hope anew.



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