Awards, events and published articles

Panelist for the V-EI Summit 2021

Interview with ‘The Seenager’ on gamification in education

Jury member-Anon Global Foundation’s UG presentation on Individual Perspective on Life skills and group presentations

India’s most admired women in the education sector 2022- The Knowledge Review Magazine

Podcast on ‘Reimagining Maslow’s Pyramid for the 21st Century’ with Anon Foundation

Episode 1-

Episode 2-


Helping Children Cope With Changes Resulting From COVID-19

The Educators Room

Student Agency- The Essence of a Modern Classroom

Student Agency- The Essence of a Modern Classroom

Leadz Award- Tech for Good Campaigner

Global School Alliance powered by True Education Partnerships

Resilience lived rather than learned

The Student Caring Project

The Essence of Differentiation

The English Club (Since 1997)

Integrating Inquiry into Reading and Language Subjects

Minds in Bloom

Infusing Service and Action in the Classroom

Getting Smart

The Connection Between Learning Gaps and Teacher Burnout

Teach Better

Designing assessments according to learning styles


Tips for the start of an unusual school year


Rule breakers and risk takers


The evolving nature of professional development


Love Better- Connecting again in hard times


Owliver’s Post

Nature vs. Nuture in a Classroom

Speaking at Lulu Financial Holding’s Learning Wednesday workshop-

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