About the blogger

I am a facilitator who believes in empowering the next generation with vital tools required to succeed in today’s competitive environment. I am a firm advocate for lifelong learning and enjoy putting the education system under the lens of reform and reflection. Harnessing the power of student voice, choice, and agency, I started my blog ‘Looking into the Review Mirror’ to spread the word on contemporary education practices.

My writing and opinions have garnered attention for progressive methodologies, SEL practices, and a focus on the needs of the next generation and their mentors. In addition, I hope to inspire educators across the globe with the practical knowledge and support required to realize their full potential as teachers in a post-pandemic era.

Prestigious education publications across the globe have published my articles. I have been fortunate enough to win the Leadz Teacher Award for outstanding work during the pandemic in the category ‘Tech for Good’. I enjoy speaking about education and its transformative journey and have been involved in numerous interviews, podcasts, and edu-summits. I hope that my work will grow from small changes in the classroom to a more significant movement in the future.

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