Guest Post- IBDP Biology HL Study Tips And Help

Due to the substantial amount of information and requirements, biology HL was a topic that consumed most of a student’s revision time. The time management component of balancing the IA with other necessities and new topics was the most challenging aspect of this subject. If students juggle other requirements for other classes, they wouldn’t have enough time for laboratory experiments.

IB DP Biology HL is undoubtedly more of a memorization-intensive course than the other science-based courses. Nonetheless, anyone can succeed with the correct study methods and a growth mentality. 

Everyone interested in enrolling in a university STEM program should take this course. It may be a requirement for admission to your desired program. Regardless of whether you want to pursue a career in STEM, everyone may profit from the critical-thinking abilities honed from this course.

Here are some of the significant study tips for you to prepare for IB bio exams:

Avoid memorisation

It may be very tempting to memorize everything this course covers without fully understanding it. It is, however, an inefficient and ineffectual approach to this issue. Don’t just underline everything in the textbook, or keep retyping your notes. Instead, try to test your comprehension by explaining it to someone else. 

This can be accomplished by conveying ideas to someone not studying biology. If they can comprehend what you are saying straightforwardly, then the idea has been implanted in your mind, and you now fully understand it.

Find a study partner

This advice ensures that you don’t memorize concepts like the first one. When you study alone, it’s possible to mistakenly overlook critical concepts and discover this only after the exam. Having a study partner to discuss ideas with verbalizes the learning process and makes studying more purposeful. In addition, they can help you identify your blind spots and correct yourself when you misunderstand a subject.

Make the most of course material

There is a whole part of the Biology HL syllabus devoted to the learning objectives and unit-by-unit breakdowns. This helps you distinguish between the facts you need to know and the stuff you don’t need to know when reviewing for exams. Alternatively, use a compressed study guide in place of the textbook. The study manual released by Oxford University Press is a great resource.

Papers that have already been published

Practice is one of the finest methods to grow. This is crucial for the extended response and short answer questions in Paper 2. Mark schemes for this paper will include in-depth explanations for each question and a breakdown of where you can gain marks. 

You’ll be able to identify your areas of strength and master a particular writing style that will help you get the best possible grades. To become accustomed to the pace of the exams, you can also test yourself under timed exam settings. This can be done via the number one revision resource Tribe Topper. Solved past papers are a great way to practice. 


The resources and materials you use for your IB preparation matter extensively. Below are some practical learning tools that will indeed work as a catalyst in your learning.

Quick Reference: The IB Guides website is where most of these guides are found. These are concise summaries of the data and frequently contain definitions and graphics. NOTE: As these guidelines haven’t been updated since before the 2016 syllabus revisions, keep your syllabus close at hand as you read through them to avoid memorizing information that isn’t necessary.

Longer Notes: Tribe topper is where you can find extended notes. You can visit their website, which is an online website for the preparation for IB and other international board exams.

Overview: The IBWorld website contains a single webpage with all the notes for each topic. It’s a handy tool for those who wish to go through a lot of notes without having to switch between pages to access different topics

Slideshow: These are presentations of the information in the style of Powerpoint. You can create your presentations or can access these presentations online.

Video: Tutorials that show viewers how to solve issues about the subject matter. Although none cover all IB Biology topics, they come from two different sources. Animated videos are also helpful in understanding a topic.  

Indeed, Biology HL is a subject with a lot of substance. But, you can succeed if you use these study ideas and put in effort!

Sonal Gupta is the Chief Learning Officer for She is an educationist with over 16 years of offline and online teaching experience. She has a masters in physics and education and has co-authored three science books.


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