Bald is Beautiful-a book review for a cause

I am constantly reminded of the adversities we have encountered during the last year and a half. As adults, we managed as best we could. The children, however, are another matter entirely. At the very least, they have discovered how to survive and thrive. At the worst, they have been sealed off from the rest of the world. They must learn to be children again when this is all over. 


The focus of everything we do as educators has swung towards student well-being and mindfulness. We can only hope that the next generation can bounce back from the hard times during the lockdown. As I thought about this idea, it abruptly occurred to me that there have been little heroes facing these challenges for decades-the children who have cancer. 

We are seeing an entire generation who has lived with fear and uncertainty and is learning to cope. As we move towards ‘Childhood Cancer Awareness Month’, I often wonder- What about those who have felt the same things and were alone throughout the ordeal? Couped up, afraid of infection, weak, and unsure of the future, children who have cancer have been living a daunting life with bravery. 


Today, every child will have a friend to talk to about the pandemic. The losses, the experiences that shaped them are a part of history.

When we speak of pediatric cancer patients, their experiences are their own. Their strength and bravery come from within, drawn up from having to fight for every moment.

Bald is Beautiful-A Letter for a Fabulous Girl

Some pediatric cancer patients cannot hide their pain. Their fight becomes evident the minute that they begin to lose their hair. Putting on a brave face becomes far more challenging when your struggles are visible to everyone. As a child, not only are you trying to come to terms with a life-threatening disease, but you must cope with the whole world weighing in on your life.

I read a beautiful book recently called ‘Bald is Beautiful-A Letter for a Fabulous Girl’. The book touched a chord within me. It narrated the times of a little girl with cancer, the better days, and the more difficult ones. The underlying theme of the whole book was love -love from others as well as love for yourself. 


The book inspires little girls to feel beautiful from the outside as well as inside. Throwing a ‘hat and scarf shower’ was a great idea that I know little girls would love. The book included ideas that brought about a sense of self-love and aimed to make children feel comfortable with themselves around their friends as well.

Book Tour

The author of this book, Carola Schmidt, is a pediatric oncology pharmacist. She demonstrates a great sense of care while tackling hard-to-talk-about issues.

Carola Schmidt partnered with Crayola for a ‘Read Along, Draw Along’ event along with Dian Ovieta and Tonya and Joey Madia on Wednesday, 1st September. The link can be found here-

Why you should buy the book-

The profits in September of all ‘Bald is Beautiful’ books sold will be donated to a pediatric hospital in Brazil that works with children battling cancer. Aside from the wonderful message that this book brings, let’s do our bit to help hospitals working with children’s cancer!

Other than this amazing cause, I can see parents buying this book for two reasons-

  • Their child has cancer and needs a pick-me-up to feel fantastic about themselves.
  • They would like to sensitize their children towards pediatric cancer patients.

Teachers can also opt to buy this book for their classrooms to spread awareness of pediatric cancer amongst their students.


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