Tech Thursday- A review of Kahoot and Quizziz

When we were still in the physical space of the classroom, the pupils enjoyed playing an occasional quiz on iPads to test their expertise on subject matter. The air of rivalry spurred them on to explore the topic material to the best of their ability so that they could outdo their mates.


When we went online, I discovered quizzes to be a holy grail tool to gauge the learners’ understanding and confidence on several topics. We operated through MS Teams and found it effortless to share links for quizzes online. We even now use these tools extensively in the classroom and the reports comprise of a wealth of data on the progress of the students.

Applications such as Kahoot or Quizziz are accessible for free for educators and students alike, while you can purchase upgrade packages as well. I find the base model adequate for my needs as a virtual teacher and do not feel the paucity of any tool in the basic model.

Kahoot is a collaborative and exciting quiz website that never fails to attract even the most reticent student. The facilitator can generate quizzes with multiple-choice problems, true/false, or open-ended questions. The product itself is colourful, welcoming and can be accessed with ease through a shared link. The student does not require a login ID or password to participate. The facilitator can make a quiz on Kahoot using these questions; however, it would be prudent to point out that it is a time-consuming task to create one. It is a labour of love to find suitable questions and key in the responses for the multiple-choice questions. Once the facilitator has produced a quiz to their liking, they can merely share the link of the quiz with the learners and they can begin competing. A disadvantage to Kahoot is that there is a cap of 100 students that can play the quiz in the basic model. Once the cap is reached, the quiz will no longer accept any more attempts at the quiz.

Kahoot results according to scores obtained

It is for these reasons that I prefer an app called Quizziz. This app is also a gamified education tool and I find the interface to be appealing, even as an adult. Each answer is followed by a meme that brings on peals of laughter and there are many junctions where you can triple your score or try to amend your incorrect answers for more points.

Multiple choice questions in Quizziz
Memes when answers are correct or incorrect

This application keeps the competitor hooked right until the end. Time is a factor in Quizziz, so it is suggested that learners react as fast as possible while striving to be accurate. The website also has an extensive library of ready-made quizzes for facilitators if they don’t intend to create their own. These are segregated into topics and grade levels. You can search for the topic of your choice and check out quizzes that have previously been made by facilitators and pick one to share with the students. I find their library vast, and I have not needed to create a quiz from scratch in a long time. This also helps in a time crunch when your class ends before time. It takes less than a minute to quickly hunt down a quiz on the subject of your choice and immediately share the link with your students to keep them occupied at the end of the class.

We began sharing these quizzes as a way of assessing the student’s understanding on specific concepts as we could see the reports of their progress promptly. However, we have also been using these applications to include the students in the assessment process itself. Once the topic is concluded, we every so often ask the students to create a quiz for their peers. This not only helps them to exhibit their research and ICT skills but the accuracy of the questions lets the facilitator whether the child has understood the concept. If the quiz has been fittingly created, it provides entertainment and a recap for the rest of the class as they work. I find quizzes an invaluable tool for the classroom to fill time, recapitulate concepts and get the students excited about learning. These applications are ideal for an educator to achieve these goals, particularly while teaching virtually.


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