An ode to VTRs- a poem to say ‘thank you’

VTRs are ‘visible thinking routines’ that make the inquiry process visual and structured. These are widely used in my classroom and have resulted in many successful breakthroughs among my students. VTRs deserve a spotlight in the world of education, and so the following poem was penned by me as a virtual thank you.


An ode to VTRs

VTRS are my greatest friend as a teacher,

They should be every classroom’s prime feature!

I used to think that they performed a small role,

But now I think that they’re the way to accomplish the goal!

I peeled the fruit as I grew every day,

As a teacher and as a person in every single way,

My students alter me from the inside out,

I was meant to be an educator, no doubt!

A circle of viewpoints now I can see,

The world is larger than you or me,

From local to global we have so much to explore,

Keeping to our roots but realizing there is so much more!


I see, I think, I wonder– how can I make my students lives better,

Make them into global citizens and go- getters,

The solution lies in Learner Profiles galore,

They will build in you positive dispositions for sure.

The compass points show us how to inquire,

Set the questions within you on fire,

Head towards the way of understanding that suits you best,

Your questioning spirit will accomplish of the rest.

Zoom in to the skills that will form you,

Given time you can examine every clue,

Find out more about the individual you were meant to be,

Keep at your ambitions and it will happen, you’ll see!

Oh, the glory of a good VTR,

With them, together, we can reach the stars,

Encouraging young ones to keep on inquiring,

In the end, it is themselves that they are finding.


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