Inquiry in a virtual classroom

The inquiry method is designed for learners to develop their individual interests while reinforcing that there is never a single ‘correct’ answer. Individual differences are celebrated in this pedagogy and children are inspired to build on what they know and venture forth into the unknown courageously. When a child uncovers a new nugget of information,… Continue reading Inquiry in a virtual classroom

English Bingo- gamifying grammar

I have always loved to read, rushing through books that interested me and plodding through books that did not. I enjoy dabbling in poetry and creative writing, and when I became an IB teacher, I began to look for ways to bring inquiry and gamification to a language that was close to my heart. To… Continue reading English Bingo- gamifying grammar

Tech Thursday- Parlay Ideas- a tool for peer review

When we were thrust into the unknown pandemic scenario, we as educators struggled to replace our old teacher toolkit with new tools online. There has been a steep learning curve for teachers around the globe. We have risen to the occasion and ensured that we delivered quality education to our students, no matter where we… Continue reading Tech Thursday- Parlay Ideas- a tool for peer review

Coursera- is it worth it?

What is Coursera? Coursera is a website that claims to build your skills by offering courses from top-notch universities such as Yale, Stanford, Harvard, and many more. This site boasts of courses in a plethora of fields, including engineering, education, language arts, and so much more. Coursera offers what are known as MOOCs (Massive Open… Continue reading Coursera- is it worth it?