Creating a learner-driven display board

A dreaded chore in most classrooms, creating a fresh display board that exhibits student’s work effectively is a herculean task for most. A time and labour-intensive job, most teachers struggle to create a board that not only showcases student work samples but also demonstrate conceptual understanding on paper. I remember my first year as a… Continue reading Creating a learner-driven display board

Math Multiplication Mania- A times table game

With students coming back to campus, the Covid gap is rearing its head, reminding us how the last two years have acted as a slippery slope for our young ones. It has been a pleasure to hear laughter in the corridors, and it gives teachers renewed hope that we can bridge the learning gap.  Math… Continue reading Math Multiplication Mania- A times table game

English Grammar Scavenger Hunt

As students began pouring into the school campus after the government removed the lockdown, life permeated every corridor and classroom. Laughter was infectious, and we reveled in it.My teacher-brain began coming out of hibernation. It had been too long since I had taught on campus, and I wanted to experience teaching as I remembered it-… Continue reading English Grammar Scavenger Hunt

Guest post – Creativity in education

The essence of creativity “Creativity is intelligence having fun,” said Albert Einstein. The last few decades have seen many ground-breaking approaches in education. Many programmes have been initiated and established to break the stereotypes in learning and teaching practices. However, one of the most noteworthy features of an evolving educational model is the relevance and… Continue reading Guest post – Creativity in education

Tech for creativity rather than replication

I have always been an advocate for technology in the classroom, and Covid 19 pushed educators into a space that tested the most knowledgeable teacher’s resolve. Treading the waters of the virtual world and ensuring that our students understood the privileges and pitfalls of technology was of utmost importance. We trained and encouraged them, their… Continue reading Tech for creativity rather than replication