Creative assessments through technology- Guest blog by Vaishak M Raj

The post-pandemic world and the upsurge of technology have led to substantial evolution in education. Learning experiences have now expanded horizons to accommodate new edu-technologies. Assessments have now become creative in curriculums across the globe. Through technology, assessment tasks and strategies have brought in innovation, differentiation, and inclusion elements. An ideal assessment should be authentic,… Continue reading Creative assessments through technology- Guest blog by Vaishak M Raj

Guest post – Creativity in education

The essence of creativity “Creativity is intelligence having fun,” said Albert Einstein. The last few decades have seen many ground-breaking approaches in education. Many programmes have been initiated and established to break the stereotypes in learning and teaching practices. However, one of the most noteworthy features of an evolving educational model is the relevance and… Continue reading Guest post – Creativity in education

Integrating math with creativity

When I first joined an IB school, I took on the role of a form tutor. I had the charge of twenty lively and energetic third graders, and I had to learn along with them. I did my best to understand the principles of the International Baccalaureate while learning on the job. I remember that… Continue reading Integrating math with creativity