Sports-An integral part of learning

I was relishing a gorgeous evening while my boys played football with their peers. Blogging away, my cares were left far behind. Then, a familiar screech of rage pierced the peace of the dusk. It was my elder son, stomping his way across the field, tears of fury flowing down his cheeks. A bigger child… Continue reading Sports-An integral part of learning

Tech Thursday-Wakelet for educators

Since I work at a Microsoft showcase school, tech is imbedded in all teachers. We consistently hunt down new apps and tech tools to push students to challenge themselves. Most schools that utilize tech would be familiar with tools such as Padlet, Coggle, Mindmeister, Miro, and more. However, there is one tool that towers above… Continue reading Tech Thursday-Wakelet for educators

Tech Thursday- Parlay Ideas- a tool for peer review

When we were thrust into the unknown pandemic scenario, we as educators struggled to replace our old teacher toolkit with new tools online. There has been a steep learning curve for teachers around the globe. We have risen to the occasion and ensured that we delivered quality education to our students, no matter where we… Continue reading Tech Thursday- Parlay Ideas- a tool for peer review